Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Templates

Dragon Medical Practice Edition TemplatesDragon Medical Practice Edition 2 comes pre-loaded with 13 Medical Templates and 13 Medical Normals. Medical Templates and Medical Normals add speed and accuracy to capture patient encounters. In addition to the narrative input capabilities, give your dictations form and style. Whether you are dictating directly into your EMR system or creating medical documents with your word processor (MS Word) Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is completely customizable to your unique needs.

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List of Dragon Medical Practice 2 Templates:

  • Dragon Brief Procedure Template
  • Dragon CCU Fellow admit Template
  • Dragon Discharge Summary Template
  • Dragon Fellow Admit Template
  • Dragon Fellow Backup Template
  • Dragon Consult Template
  • Dragon Inpatient Admit Template
  • Dragon Inpatient Consult Template
  • Dragon New Patient Template
  • Dragon Outpatient Template
  • Dragon Progress Note
  • Dragon Soap Template
  • Dragon Staff Inpatient Note

List of Dragon Medical Practice Normals included with software:

  • Dragon Brief Female Exam
  • Dragon Brief Male Exam
  • Dragon Brief Full Exam
  • Dragon Normal Abdomen
  • Dragon Normal Chest
  • Dragon Normal Extremities
  • Dragon Normal Head
  • Dragon Normal Heart
  • Dragon Normal Lungs
  • Dragon Normal Neck
  • Dragon Normal Neuro
  • Dragon Normal Posop Chest
  • Dragon Normal Skin

From Voice Automated Only:

The templates and normals above provide great examples of how to create templates and normals specific to your practice… Learn how to customize what's already there or add new templates/normals for your specific needs.

Voice Automated Exclusive:

Also included with every package are E/M Templates :
Over 40 medical templates to meet the needs of your medical office.

  • 99201- Focus History Exam
  • 99202 - Expanded History Exam
  • 99203 - Detailed History Exam
  • 99212 - Expanded Hx & PEx And more….

Contact Us for a complete list of exam templates or to ask about a specific format needed for you.