Physician Dictation Solutions

3 Categories of Physician Dictation Solutions

Computer Dictation Real-Time Dictation/Transcription (RT)


Reports are completed in minutes and ready for billing. No correction later on. Transcription costs eliminated.

Choose your style of Microphone and start saving time and money.
Headworn - Microphone or headset.

Comes with Dragon Medical Practice 2 in every box.

*Use a headset for:

  • Keep hands free to use the keyboard and computer mouse along with Dragon Medical - Multi-Modal input.
  • Handle patient documents and dictate.
Hand-held Microphone - Comes as a bundle with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

*Use a Hand-held Microphone for:

  • Push to talk operation of the Dragon microphone button (instead of clicking on/off with mouse)
  • Program included button to control other windows and button in your EMR or other software.
  • Complete dictation control and navigation of EMR
  • (You prefer a handheld instead of wearing a headset)
Wireless Headset Microphone - Comes as a bundle with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

*Use a Wireless Headset Microphone for:

  • Keep hands free to use the keyboard and computer mouse along with Dragon Medical Practice Edition - Multi Modal input
  • Handle patient documents and dictate at the same time.
  • Same as the headset above with no cords to get in the way.
Computer Based – Real-Time Dictation/Transcription (RT)

In Real Time Dictation and Transcription, all elements of the process of creating patient notes happen simultaneously. As you dictate using Dragon Medical Practice Edition, your words appear on the screen in real-time. This allows you to see what was recognized by Dragon Medical Practice Edition Speech Recognition and easily make changes or corrections to the text.

Changes and corrections are easy in Dragon Medical Practice Edition and achieved by using simple voice commands to select change and correct text. You can even spell difficult words out that Dragon Medical Practice Edition may have mis-recognized or that were not already in the vocabulary.

Uses for RealTime Dictation and Transcription with Dragon Medical Practice Edition:

  • Enter narrative text to EMR systems
  • Create Chart Notes using MS Word and Medical Templates

Mobile Dictation-Recorders Traditional Dictation/Transcription (TT) Method

Olympus Recorder + WorkFlow Dictation Software from Olympus
Philips Recorder + WorkFlow Dictation Software from Philips
Correctionist receives draft reports recognized by Dragon Medical Practice. In Dragon or within a workflow software package reports are corrected finalized and ready for insertion into EMR's or to be printed.
Mobile – Traditional Dictation/Transcription (TT)

In Traditional Dictation and Transcription, the traditional medical transcription process is made digital and uses speech recognition to do the typing. The old process was: Dictate patient encounters to a tape recorder – send the tape for transcription – receive paper drafts – make correction and the process repeats – this could take days or weeks to complete.

With Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Digital Recorders and Workflow Processes, we follow a similar path but with reduced effort and time. The new process is: Dictate to a digital recorder, the audio file is securely routed to Dragon Medical Practice Edition for speech recognition into text, a correctionist reviews the transcribed text and synchronized audio. By listening to what was said and seeing what was transcribed, the correctionist easily updates the doctor’s Dragon Medical Practice Edition user profile.

Uses for Traditional Dictation and Transcription using Dragon Medical Practice Edition:

  • Create text on the go that is transferred to am EMR system
  • Create Chart Notes using MS Word and Medical Templates that can be corrected and finalized at a later time.
  • Continue to create chart notes on the go without having to use the computer.

* Requires staff to correct drafts created by Dragon Medical Practice Edition


Mobile Dictation-Smartphones Traditional Dictation/Transcription (TT) with connectivity anywhere you go!


Mobility and connectivity, and only 1 device to carry.

iPhone iOS


iPhone App

Linked to a secure file transfer system... ftp/web folder etc.

Android App

Linked to a secure file transfer system... ftp/web folder etc.

File received at computer with Dragon Medical Practice Edition - draft is produced - ready to be finalized.

Files created in this process can also be controlled by WorkFlow software from Philips or Olympus.

Mobile/Smartphone – Traditional Dictation/Transcription (TT) with connectivity

In Mobile/Smartphone based dictation, a recorder app for iPhone or Android which has been tested by Voice Automated is loaded to your smartphone. Dictation are done on the go through your phone. Additional add-on microphones can be added but in more cases the new microelectricmechanical system (MEMS) microphones in these devices are sufficient. MEMS microphones are printed on the circuit board and have excellent noise cancelling properties because there are no moving parts.

Once files are created the dictation apps connected to secure file transfer systems move through the cloud to your computer running Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is set up to receive the file and automatically convert it into a draft.

Smartphone Dictation/Transcription Tips:
» Send Files via WiFi connection on Smartphone to save on data usage.
» Dictate in quiet environment for better results.
» Add-on Microphones provide better audio.
» Smart Phone and Data Plan required.


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